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Why does love hurt so much?

Facebook usage can also cut into precious free time that might be spent relating to each other face to face. In addition, it can create jealousy and a feeling of being devalued as “Friends” on Facebook are being given preference over me.

Love is the beginning of our most important journey. The journey from what we already know to the unknown. What we already know are the strategies of the ego which we have been using all our life to survive and get our needs met. We have been refining and cultivating our ego since childhood and now after so much investment we are loathe to let it go. All that is needed to fall in love is to relinquish the ego, but it is our life’s work, our security, so it is hurtful and frightening.

This hurt that love brings can create great opportunity for growth, learning and renewal. It can take you to higher levels of consciousness, happiness and deeper connectedness with all aspects of life. The greatest tragedy of all is to suffer without love.

To not experience the other in deep love, passion and ecstasy is to never really know oneself. Only when you are ready to be vulnerable, ready to risk everything, ready to drop the calculating mind, ready to be rejected and hurt, ready to accept the fear of being in love, that you experience the bliss of love.

Love gives you the first experience of being in harmony with something outside of your ego. If this is possible it opens the door to be in harmony with friends, family and nature. It starts with one person and ends in totality.


What Now?

Please let me share with you my comprehensive experience in this field of communication enabling you to apply many simple yet powerful skills and tools that will make your communications feel full of respect and love. Reach out today.


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