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How Do You Keep A Relationship Alive And Exciting?

Relationships are dynamic, organic, sensitive, hungry, always changing and either expanding and spiralling upwards towards love or contracting and spiralling downwards from fear.

Just because you:

  • go to your job and work hard

  • keep a clean house and cook great meals

  • take great care of the kids

  • stay loyal and don’t leave

  • put up with the difficult aspects of your partner

Doesn’t mean you are nurturing and building an exciting and sustainable relationship for yourself and partner. The relationship is a separate entity and should not be confused with the family. Relationships need their own food, air, space and time. Relationships can be powerful energy generators if healthy or sink holes if not.

Relationships need to be

  • lightened by laughter and fun,

  • challenged through adventure

  • sprinkled with mystery

  • spiced with romance

  • touched with intimacy and affection

  • deepened by honesty

  • Strengthened with vulnerability and respect

  • Made safe with trust


What Now?

Please let me share with you my comprehensive experience in this field of communication enabling you to apply many simple yet powerful skills and tools that will make your communications feel full of respect and love. Reach out today.


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