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Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Northern Rivers


Ross Thompson
Founder of Heart n Soul Matters 
Relationship Counsellor


As a Relationship Counsellor with over 25 years experience, Ross has helped thousands of couples navigate the complex maze of relationship dynamics. He assists them to discover a new way of loving. A love that enables the growth of their relationship, that is real, sustainable, respectful, safe and understanding. A relationship we all long for and deserve.

Parenting skills are also based on the same skills that Ross teaches in couples counselling. Subsequently, family dynamics improve considerably with this process.

Years of experience working with couples, enabled Ross to perceive the many pitfalls that nearly all couples struggle with, and the negative emotional patterns that are often overlooked and repeated. Consequently, he was able to formulate the powerful Relationship Breakthrough Program that awakens couples to these pitfalls and negative emotional patterns. This new found awareness, encourages them to make better choices, be truer to themselves and more respectful to others. This is the basis of healthy relating. This effective and highly successful Relationship Breakthrough Program is 12 weeks of renewal for couples that covers all the bases for building a lifelong loving relationship.

As a Personal Growth Counsellor, Ross has guided many individuals away from the brink of despair, depression, loneliness and loss. This support helps them to find an empowering connection with themselves that is self-sustaining.

In 1996 Ross Thompson founded Men’s Health and Wellbeing Association (now Men’s Wellbeing Inc.). This platform supports men and teenage boys to become better communicators, trusted friends, more loving partners and understanding present Dads.  In the first 5 years as president, with a small group of dedicated men, he worked hard to establish three educational forums for men in Queensland: Men’s Gatherings, Common Ground Men’s Groups and Facilitator Training.  


Today Men’s Wellbeing has grown into a community of more than 2,000 men greatly improving the mental and emotional wellbeing of men in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

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John Saunders

Relationship & Trauma Counsellor


JOHN SAUNDERS is a counsellor whose clients consult with him on a  range of topics; chronic and acute relationship failure, professional and personal challenges, family trauma, grief and loss. John also specialises in assisting clients heal from the impacts of childhood neglect and sexual abuse. 

John is a published author of 2 books on institutional neglect and trauma recovery. In his sessions he draws from thirty-five years of focus on navigating his own healing. As a result of his lived experience, he offers new perspectives to consider and reflect on. He employs several healing modalities including traditional counselling, Gestalt, Somatic experiencing, Psychodrama and Self-enquiry. He approaches client's from an intuitive, compassionate place.

As a counsellor who specialises in childhood abuse trauma and recovery. He offers all clients:


  • Facilitation of the gentle telling of their story.

  • Communication that sustains hope and respect.

  • His knowledge based on trauma theory and life experience.

  • A pathway to observe their thoughts and responses to gain choice.

  • A way to creatively develop their own coping strategies.

  • A collaborative exploration of their life at their pace.

John is still active in his advocacy and support for adult survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. 

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